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Appealing a Block or Chat Ban

If a user feels like he or she was wrongfully blocked or banned from the wiki the user can appeal the block to begin the Appeal Process within 24 hours.

All blocks and bans regarding violation of the rules and policies will be recorded in case a need for further review in the future (i.e an appeal, record of multiple offenses) occurs.

Any blocks or chat bans which are longer than 1 week can be appealed.

The user would need to reply to the message on his or her message wall regarding their block stating his or her desire to appeal and supply a written appeal explaining their account of what happened leading to the block or chat ban the same day of the occurrence.

Once the written appeal is supplied, a community forum will be opened quoting the written appeal which was posted on the user's message wall.

The staff member who blocked or banned the user must supply his or her account of what occurred underneath the quoted appeal.

During the course of four days, the community will read both the appeal from the blocked or banned user, and the explanation for the block or ban from the staff member.

The community will then vote in the same forum to "Keep Block/Ban" or "Remove Block/Ban" and will have an opportunity to explain his or her reasoning for the choice.

If the voting period is over and more than 70% of the community chose to "Remove Block/Ban" then any active staff member (chat moderator, wiki moderator, administrator) will have an opportunity to vet based on an analysis of the reasons posted in the vote, the explanation from the staff member, and the user's appeal. The designated vetting time period will occur over the course of a two day period.

If the staff vetting results in more than half (50% +1) in support of removing the block or ban, then the block or ban will be removed.

Whether the block or ban is kept or removed, a message stating the results of the appeal should be left on the same message wall thread the original block or ban notification was posted on.

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