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The DragonVale World Wiki will have highlighted forums designated for voting regarding staff selection/removal, policies, and large page redesigns/creations.

Usually, but not always, there is a discussion period prior to the voting period.

General Discussion & Voting Policies

Votes will finish at the end of the stated closing date based on the UTC clock (23:59:59 UTC) in the top right corner of the wiki unless a specific closing time using UTC time is stated.

For votes regarding staff selection/removal and policies, a user must be registered on the wiki for at least one month prior to date the vote begins.

Specific Discussion & Voting Policies

Major changes (page redesigns, etc) should go to a full forum (discussion then vote) unless there was a previous discussion held.

  • Time Frame: Wiki-Related Discussions should last for one week but could be extended if the discussion is not complete.
  • Time Frame: Wiki-Related Discussion votes should last no less than five (5) days but no longer than seven (7) days.
    • The initial length should be determined on how big/major the discussion/project is (and might also be determined on how the discussion (if there was a discussion) resulted.

It is not always necessary to bring wiki related projects to a forum discussion if a discussion was held on a Staff Member's Message Wall.

  • It is acceptable to bring the discussion to a forum vote. However, the option for "More Discussion" should be included.

If a vote results in a tie after the designated time period ends, the voting period should be extended for four (4) days.

  • If there is still a tie between the voting options, a four (4) day discussion forum should be held, and another (4) day voting forum should follow.
  • In rare cases, if the vote does not have a tie-breaker at the last stage, the project should be temporarily postponed.

Voting Procedure

  • Clearly state whether you support or oppose.
  • Only one vote may be cast per person.
  • A small explanation of your vote can be provided but people aren't expected to answer to it. This is meant to vote, not discuss.
  • Sockpuppeting will result in a cancellation of the votes and a block of all perpetrators.
  • No questions or discussions are allowed during the vote. Any non-vote will be deleted.

Voting Results

When the designated time for a vote is complete, a staff member will close the forum, and at least one member of the staff will tally and post the results prior to any necessary adjustments are made to the wiki.

For votes to pass the following percentages are required depending on the topic:

  • Staff selection votes require at least 60% Support to pass.
  • Staff removal votes require at least 70% Support to pass.
  • Policy and large page creation/redesign votes require 50% plus one additional vote to pass.

Ongoing Forums

  • Post(s) would be removed after 48 hours unless it has not been considered solved or taken care of.

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