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You've got dragon questions, the Dragonarium has answers. Actually, Lillian has the answers. She's the resident Lorebrarian, and reminds you to please use your inside voice when visiting the Dragonarium, else you'll disturb her complex concentration spell. Tracking all of the new dragons you discover isn't easy, you know.

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The Dragonarium is a building that houses information about all of the dragons. It can easily be accessed through the Dragons tab in the menu or it can be accessed by going to the Wizard island and tapping on the building. All dragon's information is held inside, even dragons you haven't collected.


Dragons that the player has collected are 'etched' in the Dragonarium records and are black and white while uncollected dragons are in color. Tapping on a dragon will bring up all of its information. If the player can't find a dragon, there is a filter function to quickly locate desired dragons.

The player can purchase any dragon with gems (base element dragons can be bought with DragonCash) unless it is an enchanted dragon that the player hasn't collected.


The Dragonarium, along with some other buildings, changes its appearance as you progress through the game. The change is either triggered by by leveling up or from collecting more dragons.


Upon opening the Dragonarium different books will appear to make it easier to locate information on certain dragons based on characteristics.

The first time the player completes one of the books he/she will receive a gems as a reward. Completing the book after more dragons are released does not reward the player again.

The first time a dragon is bred the player will receive one or two gems, depending on the dragon, when it gets added to the "All" book.

All Book Epic Book Enchanted Book Dragonsai Book Limited Book Zodia Book
Gem template.png +0 Gem template.png +30 Gem template.png +0 Gem template.png +20 Gem template.png +20 Gem template.png +20



  • On November 1, 2016 the only Dragonarium books were "All", "Epic", and "Dragonsai" at the World Wide Release.
  • On December 5, 2016 the books for "Limited" and "Enchanted" were added with update 1.7.
  • On February 15, 2017 the book for "Zodia" was added with update 1.8.
  • On February 15, the individual information profiles for dragons changed with update 1.8.

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