The Hibernation Cave is where dragons can be stored instead of in a habitat which share one of that dragon's elemental traits.

Dragons can be sent to the Hibernation Cave by selecting the button with two of the letter "z" on it from the hatching menu or the individual dragon profile after the dragon is hatched.

Dragons can be removed from the Hibernation Cave by entering the Hibernation Cave, viewing the dragon's individual profile and selecting the "move" icon which looks like a cross with arrows on the ends.

When the Hibernation Cave is purchased it comes with 25 slots available in capacity.

Max Capacity

The Hibernation Cave's max capacity is displayed for each individual upgrade.

Capacity Gems to Upgrade
25 0
50 50
100 100
200 200

Update Note:The total cost of the completely upgraded Hibernation Cave is Gem template 350.



  • Prior to Update 1.9 the cost to upgrade to different levels were less.
    • Upgrading from level 1 to level 2 was Gem template 30.

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