Level 1 - Level 2

Storm Habitat
Available Level 28
Buy Coin template 75,000
Sell Coin template 37,500
EXP Xp template 3,000
Size 5 x 5
Dragon Capacity 1
Upgradable From N/A Currency Capacity Coin template 250,000
Upgradable To Level 2 Building Time 1 D
Game Description
It's no easy feat keeping dragons with a storm trait comfortable, but Gretchen has really outdone herself this time. Turbulent winds and waters make these dragons feel at home beneath a torrid sky of thunderheads. And thanks to supercharged splash containment spells, visitors don't even have to don ponchos.

Level Comparison

Level Upgrade Cost Coin template Currency Capacity Coin template Dragon Capacity
Level 1 75,000 250,000 1
Level 2 ??? ???? 2



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