Treats are the items used in DragonVale World to level up your dragons. You can grow treats in the game on treat farms.

To feed your dragon treats, first tap whichever habitat the dragon you want to feed is being housed in. Then, select the dragon from the icons that appear at the bottom of the screen. Once the dragon's info page pops up, you will notice a button towards the bottom of the pop-up that says "Feed". Just tap on the "Feed" button, and as long as you have a sufficient number of treats, you will see the level-bar slowly fill up until the next level is reached.

Growing Treats in DragonVale World

On each farm's page are the details for each treat. On the Treat Farms page, there is a concise quick-reference chart that summarizes the differences between the treats, as well as a chart detailing how many treats are needed per level to increase an individual dragon's level.

Treats can be grown in DragonVale World by using treat farms. Treats are grown on Sebastian's Snackery. <-- (Section under edit). Each successive treat farm allows you to grow more types of treats on them. The differences between the types of treats are: the cost, the growing time, crop yield, and experience points earned. Otherwise, there is no functional difference between them, and they are all pooled together in your treats total (seen in the upper right-hand corner of the game screen).

Find more information about all the different kinds of treats here.


  • The purchasing Treats option was removed in DragonVale World
  • 50,050 Treats can be bought with 50 Gems in the Market under Treasure

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