Zodia Dragons are limited time dragons possibly based on the western astrological Zodiac.

Zodia Dragons are unlocked at level 25 and were introduced as part of the game update version 1.8.

A tutorial guides helps the player to unlock and repair the first Zodia Habitat.

There are 12 dragons and 12 habitats in a fixed located by the Epic Breeding Island waterfall.

Placing Zodia Dragons in their correct habitats results in that specific habitat lighting up.

Zodia Dragons have different amount of food requirement necessary to level up than hybrid and epic dragons.

List of Dragons

In order, starting mid-february:

  1. Pisceia Dragon - Possible reference to Pisces
  2. Aria Dragon - Possible reference to Aries
  3. Tauria Dragon - Possible reference to Taurus
  4. Gemia Dragon - Possible reference to Gemini
  5. Cancia Dragon - Possible reference to Cancer
  6. Leia
  7. Virgia
  8. Libria
  9. Scorpia
  10. Sagitaria
  11. Capria
  12. Aquaria
  13. Ophiuchia




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